Why your next watch should be Pre-Owned

When it comes to buying a wristwatch there are essentially two choices: Buy new or buy pre-owned. There are those who will only ever buy brand new, but increasingly buyers are making the choice to purchase pre-owned watches, and it’s easy to see why. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider buying a pre-owned watch.

Buying a pre-owned watch doesn’t mean you’re buying an inferior product:

Certainly it will most likely have had some wrist time, but this doesn’t mean you’re buying the equivalent of a rusty MG from a second-hand car salesman. Obviously, wear-and-tear is going to be a factor, but wristwatches generally survive the ravages of time far better than their automotive counterparts.

Know what you’re getting:

Whilst there are those unscrupulous sorts who will attempt to pass off a reproduction as the real thing, a bit of research and common sense will help you navigate around the sharks. Auction sites may well unearth an occasional bargain, but they are also the most dangerous in terms of not getting what you pay for. Consider that there are specialist sites that deal specifically with selling pre-owned watches. They will most likely give the watches they sell a thorough inspection and service and be honest in their appraisal of the piece. What you see is what you get here, and that should go a long way to offering peace of mind.

No stigma:

It’s not like you’re not buying a second-had suit from a charity shop. There is practically no stigma to buying pre-owned watches and, if anything, there is a degree of cachet in getting a piece that has a certain uniqueness to it. Rocking a vintage Heuer to a meeting is likely to impress more than having the latest Monaco strapped to your wrist.

More choice:

One of the benefits of choosing to buy a pre-owned watch is simply that there are more available to choose from. Whether you’re purchasing a vintage piece or a model that’s been recently discontinued and/or replaced by a newer model, you’ll have considerably more choice than if you purchase from new.


Buying new has its own charm and there is something quite special about knowing that you new timepiece has never been worn before, but there’s also something rather nice about a piece with a bit of history behind it. Not only do you get to enjoy the piece’s provenance, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing you are playing a part in that particular piece’s ongoing story.


Possibly the greatest factor in buying pre-owned is depreciation. New watches depreciate in value very quickly, whereas an older model will soon find its value settling. This means that a pre-owned watch is generally going to be less expensive. You may find that certain brands will depreciate considerably more than others from new as well, which means you can get more interesting pieces for less money.

This also is a factor when you come to sell; if you buy a pre-owned piece rather than a new one, you won’t be stung by the depreciation.

Worth remembering also is that some pieces will actually appreciate due to rarity or desirability. So, purchasing pre-owned may even be a prudent investment.