How Often Should I Change My Watch Battery?

One advantage luxury quartz watches have over their mechanical counterparts is the ease of maintenance and the more consistent accuracy, however, they still require a change of battery every so often to keep them functioning correctly.

You can usually tell when a watch battery needs replaced by the slowed movement of the seconds' hand, which is likely to start 'jumping'. When the battery is nearing the end of it's working life the seconds hand will begin to jump every 4 or 5 seconds, helpfully letting you know it's time for a replacement.

But is there a set amount of time you should wait before changing your battery to avoid finding out it is losing power and you really need to get it changed in a hurry?

How often should you change your battery?
The original quartz watch battery installed by the manufacturer will typically last quite a long time. Dependent on manufacturer and watch functions the manufacturer installed battery can last up to 4 years without needing a replacement on a brand new watch.

Subsequent battery replacements will have a shorter working life of 1-2 years due to wear on the mechanism meaning more power is required, however, one potential concern in a quartz watch is leakage from old batteries which can ruin the internal mechanism of the watch. For this reason it is recommended you replace the battery once every year.

Where should I get my battery replaced?
Due to the complexity of the movements inside higher end luxury watches and the need to reseal the watch properly to ensure the waterproofing is maintained it is recommended you get your battery replaced by a qualified professional. 

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