How does the Selling Process work?

It’s really easy to sell your watch with TWG Watches. Firstly, check our list of brands to check which brands we sell. Fill in the Selling Form telling us what you want to sell. Our team of specialists will review your form and get back to you by email within 48 hours with a suggested price and the reason for that price. If you agree with the pricing we will send you insured, pre-paid packing for Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed. Once we receive your watch we will check it, verify it for authenticity, photograph it, video it and list it on our website. We’ll also let any buyers that are particularly looking for your watch that we have it for sale.

Which watches do you accept?

We accept a wide range of luxury watch brands. Please review the list of brands that we accept here.

What is your commission rate?

Our commission rate is inclusive of insurance, Special Delivery postage for pick up and delivery, credit card charges, watch verification, warranty, VAT and marketing. We will take a commission of 20% of the sale price and return 80% of the sale price to you This subject to a minimum commission of £395.

How do I get paid?

Once your item sells, we hold the funds for 14 business days. This is to allow for potential returns. If the item is not returned, we transfer the sale value (minus our commission) to you. We will transfer the money to the UK bank account details you provide. Before we sell your watch we will tell you exactly how much you will receive from the sale.

What may get rejected?

We do not accept fakes, replicas, copies, any watch that we do not believe to be authentic or stolen. If we do not believe your watch to be authentic before you have sent it to us, we will tell you via email. If, once we have received your watch, we believe your watch to be a fake, replica, copy or in any other way not authentic, we will inform you via email. If we believe your watch is a fake, copy or replica we reserve the right to inform the authorities and retain your watch until collected by the relevant authority.

How do you price the items?

Pricing is undertaken by our in-house team of experts. We consider several criteria including, but not limited to, original retail price, brand, style, age, condition, availability and demand. We will propose a provisional price based on the Selling Form and confirm a final price following receipt and examination of your watch.

What if I don’t agree with the price?

You always get to approve the listing price. If you disagree with our experts then let us know and we will do our best to work with you and agree a price. If we still can’t agree, we will return your item to you.

Does my item have to be in perfect condition?

No, but condition will affect the recommended sales price. Condition, including servicing, will affect the value of the watch. Please be clear about the condition on the Selling Form to avoid disappointment in a reduced valuation once we receive the watch.

How do you authenticate my watch?

We have a team of in-house experts who have been trained in watch authentication. Our team review and authenticate every piece. We occasionally use third parties for authentication. From time to time we may ask you to provide us with more information including proof of purchase. If we are unable to provide a guarantee of authenticity we will not list the item.

What happens if my watch is rejected after you receive it?

Our process for selling your pre-owned watch reduces the likelihood of this situation, however, should we reject your item after we receive it, we will return the watch to you. If we reject your watch because we believe it is a copy, replica, fake, in any way not authentic, or stolen, we reserve the right to hold the watch before providing it as evidence to the relevant authority.

How long do you keep the watch for?

We aim to sell your watch as quickly as possible. Our target is one month and certainly within three months of listing. If we fail to sell your watch for your agreed price, you can ask for the watch back and we will return it to you at our cost.

Do you reduce the price?

No, not routinely and never without contacting you. You have the option to set a reserve price, below which we will not sell the watch without first consulting you and receiving your explicit agreement. We will sell the watch to any buyer that pays the reserve price or more, so please think carefully when setting a reserve price. The reserve price needs to be the minimum price you would be happy to receive.

What if I change my mind and want it back?

That’s fine; you can have your items back at any time. You simply need to inform us by emailing shop@twgwatches.com or calling us on 0333 939 0020.

What if my watch is returned by a buyer?

The buyer has a seven day cooling off period and can return the items within that period. If the buyer notifies us within this period of time, we will notify you. Once we have received the watch, we will check to confirm that it is in the same condition as we shipped it to the seller. We can then realist the watch or return it to you - it’s your choice. If watch is returned due to a fault within our three month guarantee period, we will pay the costs to repair the watch.


How do I know the items are in good condition and authentic?

We have a rigorous process in place to ensure all watches are both high quality and authentic. Our in-house team thoroughly assesses each watch before it is listed on our site. All our watches are pre-owned and we provide details on each watch listing of any imperfections or signs of wear. Our team have a lot of experience in watch authentication and we occasionally use third parties for authentication. If our team is not comfortable with the authenticity of a piece it does not get listed on our site. If you have any questions about this, you can contact us on shop@twgwatches.com.

Is the price on your website the best and final price?

Yes, all the watches are competitively priced to reflect the market value of the watch we are selling. We hate it when fees are added in the shopping cart area so we have made sure that price on our website includes everything. The price on the website includes: shipping, all transaction fees, insurance, taxes, cleaning and verification of the watch, up to 12 month warranty. There are no other charges once you add the watch to your cart.

Can I tell you if I am looking for a certain item?

Yes, definitely You can sign up to our personalised email alerts form our Watch Concierge. This is where you can create personalised email alerts for your favourite brands and style of watch.

Do you service the watches before selling them?

We don’t routinely service watches before selling them. It isn't always necessary, but we understand that some buyers will prefer a watch to be serviced. The price reflects the condition, including servicing, of the watch. Information about watch servicing is provided on each individual watch page.

What happens if the watch is faulty?

We ensure that every watch leaves us in full working condition. If there is a fault with the watch that is due to natural wear and tear within three months of you buying the watch, you can return it to us and we will repair the watch. We will not pay for the costs of any repairs due to your misadventure whether wilful of accidental!

What is your best price?

Our best and final prices are shown on our online store. We are confident that these prices reflect the condition of the watch and pre-owned watch market valuations.

How do I know that the watch isn’t a fake?

We don’t sell fakes, copies or replicas. And we won't be successful if we do! We take full liability for the watches we sell and so you can purchase with confidence knowing that you can return the watch to us if you are unhappy.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, all our watches come with up to a 12 month warranty. This information is provided in the details about each specific watch.

What if I have a question about an item?

The listings are designed to show and tell you everything that you need to know about each watch. However, if you have any further questions, please submit a question via our contact page and we will get back to you.

How does shipping work?

Shipping costs are included in the price. Once your payment has cleared we will send your watch via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed and let you know that is has been dispatched. Someone over the age of 18 must be available to sign for the watch.

Do you ship internationally?

No, at the moment, TWG Watches only ships within the UK.

Can I return something?

Yes, you can. We offer a full returns policy. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.